Gazette letters: Recycling collections, housing, Corbyn and EU result

The recycling bin outside John Kennedy Court (Picture: Alison Barlow)

The recycling bin outside John Kennedy Court (Picture: Alison Barlow) - Credit: Alison Barlow

Islington seem to have silently cut back on recycling collections, writes Alison Barlow, Islington, full address supplied.

I have noticed this in particular with a recycling bin outside John Kennedy Court in Newington Green Road which used to be emptied twice a week and is now emptied only once. Result – it is overflowing after about three days and rubbish blows into the street. Mess encourages more mess so it probably encourages those so inclined to drop litter in the street rather than put it in a bin. It probably also leads those who cannot find room in the recycling bin to put recycling into the general waste, which goes to landfill and attracts tax. Not very clever. Time to think again.

Editor’s note: The Gazette asked Islington Council whether recycling collections had been reduced and was told: “I’d like to reassure Newington Green Road residents there have been no changes to scheduled recycling bin collections. This area, like others, should be getting regular collections and we will check to see how often these are happening. Residents can help us to keep Islington clean and tidy by using the Clean Islington app, available from the council website, to report any overflowing bins.”

Cllr Diarmaid Ward needs to add Hyde Housing and Partners to his doubtless already-thick executive portfolio as new housing leader, writes Meg Howarth, of Ellington Street, Holloway.

Landlord of Alderwick Court in Caledonian ward, Hyde is no ordinary housing association. It is one-quarter of Partners, the multi-million pound taxpayer-funded PFI (private finance initiative) “special purpose vehicle” created to oversee the refurbishment and management of the borough’s street properties.

Hyde’s job is rent-collection and admin, in return for which it receives a regular slice of the large PFI financial cake. How much is unclear: Partners refuse to disclose the sum on the grounds that it is “commercially sensitive information”.

In light of Hyde’s appalling mismanagement of Alderwick Court – four years of unresolved damp and mould led four GPs to write to the housing association earlier this year about the damage being done to tenants’ children – Cllr Ward should order the immediate suspension of the association’s PFI receipts.

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If, as seems increasingly likely, demolition has always been Hyde’s endgame, when was this decision taken, why haven’t residents been consulted, and what is the immediate plan to relieve/rehouse affected residents?

Hyde’s tenants are Islington residents and council-tax payers. As housing boss, Cllr Ward must intervene on their behalf.

Having personally known Jeremy Corbyn for a very long time I do not recognise the shortcomings in his “leadership” style being asserted by other Labour MPs in the Parliamentary Labour Party, writes Cllr Gary Heather, Finsbury Park Ward, Labour.

I expect this is because of how one defines leadership. Unlike many other “leaders”, Jeremy is actually in touch with the real world of exploited and deprived people, listens to the people and what their needs are, and wants to act upon those needs. We do need a new politics that tackles inequality and unfairness square on in our unjust society, and Labour must take the lead on that project under Jeremy’s leadership.

His enormous democratic mandate from Labour Party members and supporters has not expired as far as I am concerned. But in any new contest for Labour leader he will have my full support.

Some folks are unhappy with Jeremy Corbyn and seek to blame him for the EU departure, yet he had one vote like all others, writes Michael McElligott, Amwell Street, Islington.

He was not responsible for the public’s mood and how they reacted – that was the product of Dave Cameron’s Tory policies over successive years: oppress, suppress, depress society. The Tory chancellor wanting to impose austerity to protect the unborn rich while people who are alive suffer.

Pensioners freezing in winter, school kids living in poverty. This is psychotic to advocate such policies as it generates huge divides in our society, which helps the 1 per cent and banishes the 99pc to dissatisfaction.

The expenses scandal of MPs, the false pledges – the public are sick of it.

The concept that we care about other people and their well being – well, that’s a pretty rich idea, as the biggest export in this country is weapons. Real friendly that, eh?

Let’s build a new kind of alliance, writes Andrew Myer, Islington Green Party.

In the shock and confusion following the Referendum most people have no clear idea what the result actually means for us all, but the possibility of the new PM calling an early election offers a small ray of hope. If Labour, Greens, Lib Dems, SNP, Plaid Cymru, the Women’s Equality Party and others could work together, we have the potential to sweep out the Tories and vote in a government that would minimise the impact of Brexit, shoring up relations with our European neighbours and maintaining the protection the EU has given us. If you feel such an alliance would benefit the common good, visit