Gazette letters: Truncated bus routes, Whittington A&E, joining a choir and no to Sainsbury’s

Buses on Tufnell Park Road (Picture: Polly Hancock)

Buses on Tufnell Park Road (Picture: Polly Hancock) - Credit: Archant

I live at the corner of Tufnell Park Road and Holloway and I’m really annoyed that two buses are not serving this part, writes Mary Wash, full address supplied.

It will be three upon full closure of the Holloway Road.

Why are people allowed to dictate what they want and blow everyone else? I have had to cancel appointments with the doctors as I have trouble walking and when I did I ended up in hospital. I suppose these people have cars or family with cars so they couldn’t care a less about others. I encounter blind, wheelchair users and people who lost their operations at Barnet Hospital because they couldn’t get a 263.

Invalids don’t want to keep changing buses. What about the other roads that have to put up with the diversion? I do agree that HGVs should not use Tufnell Park Road but put the buses back.

May I sincerely thank the staff at the Whittington A&E for their helping hand and those associated to the scanning departments, writes Michael McElligott, Amwell Street, Islington.

Empirically, I can confirm that care, compassion, consideration and communication colluded to create the perfect storm – and it rained perfection.

This is a public service that could compete with any private presentation. It brings to mind the system that exists in Canada where everyone gets the same standards. There is no private or public there – it’s just high standards for all. Great idea policy-wise, health secretary?

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I wonder about MPs’ dedication to the public health service as they have private cover so perhaps they don’t feel the same fevered need for it to be protected.

Should they start to falter on the protection of the Whittington then we need to falter on our support for them and get MPs who deliver. Excuses are simply not acceptable on this matter, protect yourself, protect the Whittington.

I am a local resident and I love to sing, writes Imogen Steinberg, Benwell Road, Holloway.

When I moved back to London after university I was looking for a choir that did choral music as I sang choral music at school and loved it. I searched online but I didn’t want to do an audition like many choirs ask for. I was living in Hall Street, EC1V, so when I found out St Bartholomew’s Hospital Choral Society rehearses at City Temple, Clerkenwell, it made sense to go to a trial day, and I was hooked!

Not everyone is a nurse or a doctor. It’s just a great choir where any profit goes towards a medical charity. Although I used to sing a bit before I joined the choir, I was quite nervous about performing publicly in venues such as the Royal Festival Hall and Cadogan Hall. But Barts required no audition and over the last three years my confidence has increased enormously. I have improved my ability to read music and learned to sing more tunefully. The experience of being part of a large number of people singing as one voice is amazing.

Many of us live relatively isolated lives in this vast, fast-moving city and singing classical music regularly with a choir like Barts has made me feel part of a caring, creative and holistic community. I’ve developed new skills, made new friends, met other local people who enjoy singing, and had fun.

I have gained so much confidence in my singing and we all go to the pub afterwards which is also lovely. I love it because it gives me a chance to learn new pieces like Handel’s Zadok the Priest, which was played at the royal wedding at Westminster Abbey, where I work, and is now one of my favourites!

If other Islington readers are intrigued, take a look at our website and consider joining Barts Choir too.

As residents in north Islington will know, Highbury Vale Police Station in Blackstock Road is being redeveloped, writes Christian Spurrier, Islington Green Party.

The site was sold privately, so there’s not likely to be much affordable housing as a result. However, it’s now also been announced Sainsbury’s is applying to the council to place one of its “Local” stores inside the development (see p10). This is the second time such an application has been made by the supermarket chain. On the previous occasion, petitions and letters of complaint made local feeling very clear – there is no appetite for yet another mini-market on Blackstock Road.

Despite neglect, the street’s fortunes have picked up. It now hosts a diverse and highly popular range of shops and cafes. Relationships between residents and local traders are warm. The arrival of a chain would inevitably have a negative effect on these businesses, and nobody wants this.

Sainsbury’s already has two “Local” outlets in the immediate vicinity, which cause of traffic issues as delivery trucks park up at peak times, block bus lanes and cause traffic to swing out, increasing pollution and the chance of collisions.

Anyone wishing to register objection can sign the petition