Gazette letters: Weather, a thank you, Highbury Fields, a minor incident and proud councillor

The evocative alium flower Picture: MAVIS PHILBEAM

The evocative alium flower Picture: MAVIS PHILBEAM - Credit: Mavis Philbeam

This alium caught my eye as I was walking home along Tufnell Park Road, writes Mavis Philbeam, address supplied.

Dying to get out of the heat, but I just had to stop and snap it.

It just says “hottest day of the year” to me.

I’m always looking out for unusual views of familiar things.

In this tiny Tufnell Park Road front garden, I was struck by the contrast between the delicacy of the alium flowers and the sombre solidity of the fencing.

And with the added contrast of dazzling sunlight and deep shade, this image sums up for me last week’s hottest day of the year [temp in capital hit 30C on July 19 – ed].

I am so grateful for the beautiful people of Islington, writes Kate Kandiah, Barnsbury Road, Islington.

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On Sunday, June 19, at about 6pm I had a rare anxiety attack in the street on Liverpool Road. I can not describe how heartwarming it is the number of people who stopped to help me. It brings a tear to me eye even now!

I was suffering while walking in the direction of the Pig and Butcher, the other side of the road; it got so bad I was collapsed on a step. I so want thank everyone who stopped to see if they could help.

Phil, a lovely stranger, whoever he is (I’m so glad I managed to ask his name through short breaths) lived a few doors down from where I was and he was wonderful – went home, got water and sugar, and sat with me until my friend came. A driver stopped with his car and waited to see I was ok; when I still wasn’t, he drove me and my friend steadily, quickly but carefully, to A&E where I was treated.

I want to share this as the world can be a truly lovely place and I am forever warmed and grateful to those I don’t know who helped me.

I’m a little sad I can’t thank them in person, so if you are Phil, or if you know him, the driver or anyone who helped me that day, this is my public way of celebrating your, and the general, goodness of human spirit. THANK YOU.

Last Tuesday night not only saw the warmest evening of the year but also about 1,000 people massed on Highbury Fields, writes a Highbury resident, full name and address supplied.

Well into the night parties were taking place with one crowd having driven their cars onto the Fields together with loud music booming out too.

Is this what Cllr Claudia Webbe means about allowing those living in the area being able to enjoy Highbury Fields? One wonders how long we have to endure this sad state of affairs before something more in line with other open spaces in London is instigated instead of the free-for-all attitude at the moment.

Haggerston Park is a joy to behold – families and other groups enjoying the space where users respect the area and where signage states that picnics are welcome but not barbecues or loud music.

Highbury Fields is now known as a green space to take advantage of by the many who do not live in or around the area, and who have no desire other than their own selfish ways. This year more than any other has shown how a green open space can be trashed, polluted and disrespected – and Islington Council seem happy about it.

Recently while driving on the Caledonian Road a moped speeding past at 60 mph, writes J Kendrick, Avenell Road, Highbury.

It took off my driver’s side wing mirror; the rider did not stop and very nearly came off his bike in the process.

The scene was extensively covered by CCTV and I reported the incident to police. I was very surprised to be told minor collisions were not investigated unless they involved injury. I explained my concern was not so much with the damage to my vehicle but rather the fact that the rider or myself could have been injured in the incident.

I believe the police are sending out the wrong message; part of their remit is surely to prevent crime. Failure to investigate must actually encourage crime. If this incident had been investigated by the police it would have shown that they take the issue of speeding seriously and could, perhaps, have prevented a future accident.

Last Thursday I was very proud to be elected to represent Barnsbury, my home for 20 years, writes Cllr Rowena Champion, Barnsbury ward.

Replacing James Murray will not be easy, but I am determined to work with my fellow councillors to address the issues that affect our community.

I appreciate the responsibility I have to the people of Islington and look forward to working with my colleagues and our communities to tackle the many, wide-ranging challenges that face us over the next few years. This includes providing secure affordable homes and supporting our residents into secure well-paid jobs, while continuing to provide council services to those who need them.

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