GCSEs: Holloway School celebrates

Two students have passed their GCSEs with flying colours, as they take the next steps towards their dreams of studying medicine at university.

Holloway School pupils Jack Smith, 16, of Hornsey Street, Holloway and Chinyere Okwereogu, 16, of Manor House, surpassed their expectations and will begin studying for their A-levels at local colleges next year.

And despite indications that grades have improved for the 23rd year in a row, Chinyere and Jack disagree with reports suggesting that GCSEs are becoming easier.

Chinyere, who achieved three A*s and nine As, said: “I don’t think GCSEs are getting easier. We have more exams and more coursework to do in a small space of time so if anything they’re getting harder.”

Jack agreed and said: “Years ago exams were all at the end of the year, whereas now we have to study for exams throughout the year. They’re getting harder because we have to do more of them earlier.”

Jack, whose A*s in Maths and Physics put him in good stead to study sciences and maths at college, also voiced concerns about the rising costs of university tuition. He said: “Higher tuition fees aren’t stopping me from wanting to go to university, but the fact that university is getting so expensive is definitely a daunting prospect.”

But Chinyere remains undeterred: “Higher tuition fees don’t put me off, because I know what I want to do, and if it costs more then so be it.”

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The council have a team of people ready to help give advice to students on what to do now they have their results and will be running regular drop in sessions. For more information visit www.islington.gov.uk/connexions or call 020 7527 7031