‘Gentle’ mathematician ends life under Finsbury Park train

An “extremely bright” private maths tutor committed suicide by throwing himself under a train at Finsbury Park tube station, a coroner has ruled.

Benjamin de Meza, 27, an “extremely bright” private maths tutor from Trinder Road, Crouch Hill, died from severe multiple injuries after jumping in front of an eastbound Picadilly line train at around 8am on March 11.

A witness described her “horror” as she saw a man dive in front of the carriage, which was moving at about 25mph.

The driver said he saw a man out of the corner of his eye man running towards the tracks but was unable to stop in time.

Although the reasons for his suicide are not clear, CCTV footage shows Mr de Meza sending a text as he walked into the station, which was described as a “strong clue as to his frame of mind” by the deputy coroner Dr Shirley Radcliffe.

Giving evidence at the hearing on May 30, Mr de Meza’s father David described his son as a reserved character “who “didn’t like confrontation”.

He told the court he had met with his son the day before his suicide.

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“He seemed perfectly normal as far as I could tell,” said Mr de Meza. “He was very tired. I didn’t cross examine him.”

He said they visited a 99p store together and bought a clock which was found in his flat after his death.

Mr de Meza suffered from badly controlled diabetes since the age of nine, but Dr Radcliffe ruled an Hypoglycemic attack wouldn’t affect his mental state enough for him to be unaware of his actions.

She said: “I am sure that when he stepped in front of that train he knew exactly what he was doing and this act would lead to his death.”