Get a pizza the action...

There has been more than enough sad news in the Gazette so far this year – depressing, as 2011 has only just started.

But as I have previously said, I am your news Tinkerbell, here to spread happy dust all over your fortnight.

If, however, you do want to hear news people being mean and stupid, I suggest switching to Sky Sports instead. (Look mum! Topical humour!)

My first two happy instances for you are food-related.

There will be free pizza a go-go in Upper Street this Saturday courtesy of Papa John’s restaurant. The chain is celebrating 10 mozzarella-laden years in the UK and is giving 50 lucky punters a whole heap of calories to mark this special occasion.

The event actually looks set to be quite ritzy as the Mayor of Islington is going to be present! I assume that the Mayor will use a knife and forkie to eat her pizza with, unlike the rest of us ruffians, who would just shove it into our gobs with our hands and feet.

Also, the Mayor will unveil a commemorative plaque in the restaurant. Very smart. Let’s hope the plaque isn’t unveiled as a huge barroom-style brawl breaks out on Upper Street as people clamour to get their free pizza.

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In other carb-related news, commuters in King’s Cross were treated to the sight of the Naked Cowboy, famous in the States for playing the guitar in the buff. He was in town to promote the New York Bagel Company, and what an appropriate area of town to plonk him into! As we all know, King’s Cross has seen its share of naked people peddling their wares in the streets.

The Cowboy wore nothing but a guitar and cowboy boots as he sang his Ode to a Bagel. Yuck! I don’t want naked people advertising my snacks, especially when the snacks have holes in them. Goodness knows what’s been poked in there.

Lastly, an admiring shout out to a group of nurses from The Whittington Hospital who have released an album to raise money for the cancer charity Macmillan. The album is called Guiding You and features a mix of covers and original songs. The plucky nurses recorded the songs in-between looking after their patients, which sounds like really hard work for people who already work really hard.

Good luck with the record, excellent nurses! I hope everybody buys a copy.