Getting to grips with gadgets

It will come as no surprise that gadgets were big news during 2010, with many making their way into our Christmas stockings.

However, as a knock-on effect, these gifts will add fuel to the current “grey area” between business and personal technology, as employees in London look to plug their new internet connected devices into their work network.

Mobile technology can be a real asset to businesses who want to improve their productivity, but it brings with it a host of security and management challenges, especially if the devices are accessing sensitive business data. This is a particular problem for small businesses who often don’t have dedicated IT staff to manage these risks.

For small businesses in the capital, addressing the challenges of their increasingly tech-savvy workforce should be at the top of their New Year’s resolution list. This means adopting new models, such as best practice guidelines for their employees sooner rather than later. – Ross Walker, director of small business and distribution, Symantec UK & Ireland, via e-mail