Ghost hunt to investigate ‘paranormal’ activity at Islington nightclub

A GHOST hunt will take place next Friday at London’s oldest gothic nightclub - where an old Victorian couple are believed to be haunting the building.

Professional ghost hunters and inquisitive members of the public will descend on Islington Metalworks in Torrens Street, to see if the rumours of ghoulish activity at the ancient Islington venue are true

Ian Shillito, director of ghostly group London Paranormal, which is leading the hunt, said: “Employees at the Islington Metalworks nightclub have reported seeing a Victorian lady and gentlemen in the building. They have witnessed a number of supernatural things happen and so got in touch with us.

“On one occasion, they even reported a baguette falling from the ceiling, out of nowhere, and at the time, there were no baguettes on site. A full bodied apparition has also been witnessed by senior management. It’s fascinating.”

Islington Metalworks, which was formerly a Victorian house and stables, is made up of a number of derelict rooms. London Paranormal says this makes it a suitable location for supernatural activity, and creates an ideal environment for people interested in the darker side of life.

Mr Shillito said: “We get all sorts of people come down to the ghost hunts, from hardened fans, to people that just want a fun and alternative Saturday night.

“We get a lot of regulars, and some people that come down to events once a month. It’s exciting, and although we can’t guarantee anything will happen, as paranormal activity is rare, if we do see anything, it’s great.

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“It happens occasionally, and the events are meant for people to enjoy themselves.”

London Paranormal investigators will attempt to decipher and understand the growing reports of a spiritual presence, visual apparitions and general unease felt around the location. They will try to discover what lurks in the shadows and want brave member of the public by their side.

“The night is a little like Most Haunted,” said Mr Shillito. “We spend six hours doing experiments and S�ances. People sit in the dark, and we usually have a video screen up, using various ghost hunting gadgets.

“You have to sit in the dark and see what happens. And a lot of strange things have happened at Metalworks.”

Metalworks have held event nights for fans of gothic music, art, life and death for the past 30 years.