Greens make official complaint about Islington’s ‘roamer’ scheme

THE controversy over Islington’s new parking rules has taken a new twist after a formal complaint was lodged by the Green Party.

The group has slammed Islington Council for the way it went about introducing the so-called “roamer” policy – branding its consultation “wrong, unfair and unlawful” because it did not seek the views of non-drivers.

Nick Jack, of the Islington Green Party, said: “By writing only to existing parking permit holders – car owners who are likely to favour the proposal – the council has carried out an entirely one-sided and pointless consultation. We believe this to be wrong, unfair and unlawful.”

Roamer parking, which was introduced on February 28, allows people with resident permits to park anywhere in the borough between 11am and 3pm.

Councillor Paul Smith, Islington Council’s executive member for environment, said: “It is an overwhelmingly popular policy.”