‘Grow your own’ plea to Islington gardeners

A GARDENING charity is calling for volunteers to join the 70 households in Islington they help to grow their own fruit and vegetables.

The Garden Organic Master Gardener programme offers training and support for volunteers as food-growing mentors who will then share their horticultural knowledge with other people.

No previous expertise is required, although some experience of growing your own food is preferable.

Kate Fenhalls, Islington Volunteer co-ordinator, said: “You can save money; there is more to the project than that. Part of it is about community, getting to know your neighbours and also helping to transform our concrete jungle into something more green and welcoming.

“One of our master gardeners, Vicky Cunningham, has just been nominated for the Islington Mayor’s Civic Award for her work. Along with the other Whitecross gardeners she has really, genuinely changed the way residents feel about the estate.”

Councillor Paul Smith, Islington Council’s executive member for environment, said: “We know how passionate many residents are about gardening and we’ve supported that through Edible Islington. This programme is a great chance for people to share that passion with others.”

Anyone interested in volunteering, or getting some gardening tips, can contact kfenhalls@gardenorganic.org.uk