Has pal put my problems on the web?

I have a very unusual, maybe even unique, relationship problem with my partner.

I felt I needed advice over this, so I confided in a woman at work who has always been an absolute rock for me. She’s sorted me out, given me hope, and just been what you could call an agony aunt, in all the five years we’ve worked together.

But the other day, I went on the internet to find out if there was any other guidance I could find, as it was late at night, and I needed some reassurance. I was shocked rigid to see that someone had posted on an internet blog quoting the EXACT same problem I have with my partner, and posted about it like she was giving this other person advice about this.

It was the same as the advice my colleague gave me. I checked the whole blog through, and this blogger seems to be someone in the USA, but a lot of the problems of her ‘friends’ that she blogs about are things I’ve confided to my work colleague. Is she writing about me under an assumed name?

Barbara says: It’s unlikely. Maybe the problem you talked about to your colleague isn’t as unique as you think. Most relationship/sex problems are pretty universal. Chill.

Tell your colleague about the blog you found, and share it with her. It’ll reassure her, as your advisor, as well as convincing you that you are not alone. And maybe she read the blog, too?

And maybe she took a tip from it to give you some good advice. If she did, she’ll tell you.