Have you paid over the odds with Oyster?

Last year Oyster card users travelling on the Tube and train were overcharged by a staggering �60million – that’s more than a million pounds a week!

It is not good enough for the Mayor of London, Transport for London and the rail companies to just srug their shoulders and blame passengers for not swiping their cards properly as frequently there are problems with the system such as the barriers not working properly.

On my travels around London, I often see problems at train stations where barriers are left open or the Oyster machines are not obvious at all for passengers to swipe their cards.

I am keen to hear from rail and Tube passengers who have faced repeated problems with being overcharged at a specific station. If you have experienced being ripped off by the Oyster system, then please do drop me a line telling me about your experience. – Caroline Pidgeon AM, leader of the Liberal Democrat London Assembly Group and vice-chairwoman of the London Assembly Transport Committee, City Hall, The Queen’s Walk, SE1.