He’s the ultimate rat

I have a problem. My new (and now ex) boyfriend keep rats. I didn’t know that until I went round his place after a mad night out on the town when he invited me back. It sickened me totally. How can any human being think that vermin is OK?

I freaked out and ran screaming from his place and was sober in minutes, and back to my place in no time. He must be a pervert. He keeps texting me, but I can’t reply. He’s sick.

Barbara says: Some people, me included, have no problem with rats. But some people, me included, wouldn’t keep them as “pets”. They’re intelligent and OK, but lines have to be drawn.

However, he’s not a pervert. He just likes rats, and you don’t. Leave it at that. And if it points out a serious failure in your relationship, good. Love is about trial and error. You can’t cope with his rats. Relationship over.