Best-selling author Martina Cole backs campaign to encourage reading in Islington

Best-selling author Martina Cole

Best-selling author Martina Cole - Credit: Archant

Best selling author Martina Cole has backed a town hall initiative to inspire non-readers into reading.

The Six Book Challenge asks people to read six books and complete a reading diary – with successful challengers entered into a prize draw for an e-reader as well as being given a certificate on July 10, like last year’s successful readers, pictured above.

So far 161 Islington resident’s have completed the six book challenge.

Ms Cole said: “The wonderful thing about the challenge is that people who don’t normally read, or who think that reading isn’t their bag, are encouraged to pick up a book.

“When you read a book you have to picture it all in your own mind.

“No one tells you what you’re seeing or what you should be feeling. That’s the secret of reading – it’s such a personal thing.”

For more information on the Six Book Challenge visit