Low Covid booster uptake in Islington due to young, mobile population, council says

Covid vaccine vial.

Covid booster rates remain low in Islington - Credit: Hackney council

Islington has some of the lowest rates of vaccination and boosters in the country. 

As of January 11, 64.9 per cent of the borough's population had received a first dose, 58.5pc had received a second and 40.2pc a third. 

Nationally, as of January 9, official figures show an average of 90.4pc of the population had a first jab, 83pc a second and 62pc a third. 

A council spokesperson said: "We're actively working to reach people who may not yet have been jabbed, for whatever reason."

The council reports working with community and faith leaders and launching social media campaigns targeting young people. 

The spokesperson noted that other inner London areas, "with younger, diverse, mobile populations, and big areas of deprivation - share similar levels of vaccine uptake". 

To book a Covid vaccination, visit www.nhs.uk/conditions/coronavirus-covid-19/coronavirus-vaccination/book-coronavirus-vaccination