Crouch Hill boy’s foot is cut ‘to the bone’ on Islington playground ride

Jahmalachi Opoku

Jahmalachi Opoku - Credit: Archant

A worried mum is demanding a safety review at a playground after her son’s leg was cut “to the bone” in an accident on a roundabout.

Charlene Azille was horrified by the injury to Jahmalachi, her seven-year-old son, after he trapped his foot under the roundabout at the Astey Row playground in Islington.

The roundabout kept spinning and tore a deep gash in the youngster’s ankle – leading to four days in hospital, two operations and a loss of feeling in parts of his leg.

Now his mother wants Islington Council to make the park safer before anyone else is injured.

Miss Azille, who lives on the Holly Park Estate, off Crouch Hill, said: “It was the first nice day so loads of mums were in the park after school. My daughter shouted for me and I turned round to see her pulling him out from under the roundabout.

“He wasn’t crying so I thought he was OK, but when I pulled his trouser leg up all I could see was blood and bone.

“The ambulance took him to the Whittington where he’s been in theatre twice to clean the wound – they say there’s some damage to one of his veins.

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“That roundabout is old and dangerous – I know mums who used it when they were kids. And it’s not just the roundabout, it’s all the apparatus there.

“I’m really angry that it’s been allowed to get into such a state that my son has hurt himself, a smaller child could have lost his foot. A friend’s daughter hurt herself on the same roundabout. They need to make it safe.”

A spokesman for the council said it carried out regular safety checks at all parks and had found nothing wrong with this roundabout.

Cllr Paul Smith, Islington Council’s executive member for environment, said: “This accident was clearly distressing for the child involved and his mother and we wish him a speedy recovery.

“The Astey’s Row roundabout was checked soon after the accident was reported in April. Both the inspection before and after this unfortunate incident found that it met with all the required safety regulations.”