Long Covid-struck family fundraise for wheelchair-friendly car

Kristof and Heni Draskoczy, of Finsbury Park with their four children

Kristof and Heni Draskoczy, of Finsbury Park with their four children - Credit: Draskoczy family

A Finsbury Park family has launched a fundraiser to pay for a wheelchair-friendly car, after their mum was left unable to walk after developing long-Covid.

Heni Draskoczy, 44, of Ray Walk, contracted Covid-19 in December 2020 and has since been diagnosed with a heart condition and a blood clot on her lung.  

The mother-of-four, whose children are 11, 13, 14 and 16, has also been left with extreme fatigue and often has difficulty carrying out basic tasks, like walking, talking or brushing her teeth.

“Up until about three weeks ago I couldn’t even hold a conversation," she said. 

"In March it was my daughter's birthday. All I could do all day was whisper ‘Happy Birthday’. I couldn’t even join them at the table to have a slice of cake.”

Before catching coronavirus, Heni was very active and “always busy”, looking after her children and working in the local church community.

Her husband, Kristof - a teacher at the special needs Richard Cloudseley secondary school in Prebend Street - launched the crowdfunder to buy the new car to fit his wife’s wheelchair.  

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It would allow the family to take trips out the house altogether, which they are unable to do at the moment as a result of Heni’s condition.

Heni said: “Right now, the little opportunity we have to do something outside of the flat we have to do separately because we can’t all fit in the car.

“It would give us the luxury of family love and being able to have some family memories together.

"The idea of not being able to do anything together over the next few years just breaks my heart, especially because the kids are going to be leaving home soon.”

Kristof said his wife’s condition has “dramatically” changed their lives.

“It seems likely that it will be a long recovery, which could last months, potentially even years," he said.

So far, the fundraiser has raised £5,000 towards the £10,000 goal.

Heni described the support they have received so far as being “mind-blowing”.

“We’re so grateful for everything. It’s really wonderful to have that kindness from people.”  

See bit.ly/2Pky8ui to donate.