Former Whittington doctor likened patient’s mum to prostitute

Dr Al-Any worked at the Whittington Hospital in 2013. Photo: Steve Parsons

Dr Al-Any worked at the Whittington Hospital in 2013. Photo: Steve Parsons - Credit: PA ARCHIVE IMAGES Steve Parsons

A doctor who worked as a Whittington Hospital locum has been suspended for four months after he sent an ‘unacceptable and inappropriate email’

Dr Kamal Hameed Ubaid Al-Any who worked in the Accident and Emergency department in September and October 2013, appeared before the Medical Practitioners Tribunal Service.

He admitted referring to the patient’s mother as “not differ [sic] too much from the behaviour of a professional prostitute” and an “evil abnormal agitated woman” in an email.

A tribunal found Dr Al-Any was rude to a patient who had a suspected kidney infection, “Patient B”, and her mother, Miss C, on October 20 in 2013.

Miss C had lost confidence in Dr Al-Any after he failed to take a blood sample from her daughter.

Dr Al-Any called in a junior colleague, Dr Khan, to help him take the blood.

Dr Khan noticed the patient was distressed, and tried to pass on this information to a consultant.

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But the tribunal found Dr Al-Any followed him and attempted to stop him.

Miss C sent a letter complaining about Dr Al-Any.

He then sent an “unacceptable and inappropriate” internal email where he insulted Dr Khan and Miss C.

He described Miss C as “exhibiting abnormal behaviour” and referred to Dr Khan as a “stupid child”.

Dr Al-Any wrote that Dr Khan’s “silly and his non-medical ethical behaviour might reflect [...] his personal, family and social background”.

He referred to Miss C and Dr Khan as “silly low standard creatures”.

But the tribunal found, contrary to allegations, that Dr Al-Any had paid attention to why Patient B had been referred to him and did not threaten to send her home without treatment.

In relation to a separate incident in September 2013, they found Dr Al-Any heard a patient’s medical history, but failed to make adequate records.

Dr Al-Any has been suspended with immediate effect.