Holloway ladies lay themselves bare for charity

Holloway ladies (from left) Lisa Byrne, 30, Skye Sidnell, 31, Chloe Hester, 18 and Caroline Benford. 39, brave the elements during a sponsored walk to raise money to send a bereaved family on the trip of a lifetime.

The girls, all residents of the Hyde Village Estate, off North Road, Holloway, marched down Upper Street, Islington, in their bra’s on Friday to try and send the Taylor family, who lost their husband and father to a brain tumour last month, to Disneyland Paris.

Ms Benford, who organised the bra walk, said: “It was fantastic - about 20 of us walked and we raised �160. A woman called Pat who none of us knew even turned up. She had heard about the walk from somewhere, but she was brilliant, going in all the pubs and collecting money.

“One security guard told us we couldn’t go in the shopping centre dressed like that, even though there were all these young girls walking past him with next to nothing on. I got quite angry with him.

“I thought Sharon Jobe was really brave to walk down the road in her bra at 50 years old - and Chloe, who is 18. All of her friends probably drink in the pubs down Upper Street.

“I think we need �2,000 to send the Taylors away as none of them have passports. When we get the sponsorship money in and after our benefit fundraiser on July 2, we will hopefully have enough.”