Faceless fiend continues to throw glass and rubbish from upper floors of Finsbury estate

Someone is throwing glass and rubbish from the upper floors of King Square estate, endangering those

Someone is throwing glass and rubbish from the upper floors of King Square estate, endangering those on the street and playground below. Picture: Google Maps - Credit: Archant

A mysterious figure continues to launch glass and detritus from the upper floor window of a Finsbury council estate, endangering the children playing below.

Neighbours at the King Square estate have been living under a cloud of anti-social behaviour for more than a year, as reported by the Gazette in August.

During this time rubbish, glass and even human waste has smashed and splattered into the children’s play area at the base of the block, resulting in the park’s three month closure from June through to the end of August.

Samantha Galbally, of Rahere House, reported the poo thrower during the summer to no avail.

“It’s still going on and some of it is falling into the playground again,” she said. “It’s just scary, are they intentionally trying to hurt someone?

“There is a rubbish shoot on every landing of the 16 floors [in the block] so there is no reason for anybody to be doing it.

“It’s something they should stop now otherwise they might lose their home over this.”

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Samantha has, once again, had to stop her five-year-old son from playing in the park.

Earlier this year cops and Islington’s anti-social behaviour team went door-to-door to interview neighbours about the case.

Forensic officers tested bits of broken glass and “other objects” in a lab, and the council also rigged up a CCTV system with eyes on the block.

But these combined efforts still couldn’t trace the culprit.

An Islinhgton Council spokesperson said: “We are aware that this dangerous and irresponsible behaviour has started again and we will not tolerate it.

“We are making every effort to stop it – the CCTV camera we have installed continues to monitor the block and gather evidence, while our anti-social behaviour team are still working closely with police on identifying those responsible.

“We have also written again to all residents in the block urging those responsible to stop immediately before anyone is hurt, as their actions are threatening the safety of others.”

The caretaker is also doing a daily sweep of the playground to remove any items that might be dangerous.