Lembit Opik to exhibit himself in Islington pub

Maverick politician and prospective mayoral candidate Lembit Opik is to appear as an exhibit at an unusual event at an Islington pub.

The former I’m A Celebrity contestant will take part in a number of bizarre activities including reading his own poetry, hearing a song and dance written in his honour and arm wrestling the audience at the George Orwell, in Essex Road, tonight (Thursday) at 6pm.

Arm wrestling

Mr Opik said: “They won’t have to do a great deal to win the arm wrestling. I think John Prescott might be �better at it than me.

“I considered the nature of my campaign, and I am all about being accessible and I thought this would be a good way to reach people.

“I think Boris and Ken are a bit in the same mould in that respect.”

William Kherbeck, 33, a former Holloway resident who arranged the exhibition, said: “I wanted to get him leg wrestling, but he hurt his leg in an accident.

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“I continue to be shocked by how far he is willing to push things.”