Kick off 2022 with a new gym regime at Energie Fitness

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Join Energie Fitness in Archway for all your gym needs and take advantage of the January offer. - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

Family-owned business Energie Fitness in Archway reveals a new January membership deal 'Visit 10 times in your first month for £10' to get people back in the gym for the new year and beyond.

As the new year approaches, many people will be vowing to get fit for 2022 and will make a resolution to join a gym.

And while this may feel like a difficult step in itself - the bigger challenge tends to be sticking to a routine that makes a real difference.

More often than not, few people stick to their goals long term and ditch their membership once they realise they’re not using it.
Now family-run gym Energie Fitness in Archway has devised a new challenge to encourage new members to stay motivated throughout January by introducing 'Visit 10 times in your first month for £10’.

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Are you ready for gym training and fitness classes at Energie Fitness in Archway? - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

Energie Fitness co-owner and manager Hassan Al-Sadiq said: “We want to keep people motivated and for them to establish a routine not just for January but the whole year.

“We have carried out some research which shows that members who visit the gym more than twice per week remain member for twice as long as those who visit on average less than once per week. 

“Our 10 visits for £10 challenge is to encourage new members to stick to their goals and establish a routine in the first month of their membership. 

“The first month is very crucial because this is when a routine can be established and the new member is highly motivated to transform their lives.

“We are on a mission to empower them to do so.”
Energie Fitness is a family-run business and prides itself on being at the heart of the community.

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“We care about our members, we know everyone and we want people to feel welcome as soon as they step through the door,” Hassan added.

And for those who may have struggled to maintain an exercise routine since the pandemic began, there has never been a better time to turn things around.

“We have had many people come in and say they stopped exercising in lockdown and found it difficult to get out and back in the gym,” he said.
“But it is so important that they do - if you suffer from weight problems or are unfit, you are vulnerable to Coronavirus and it compromises your immune system. 

“A healthy BMI and cardiovascular fitness are so important.”
So what advice does Hassan have for people who want to take the plunge and get fit again?

“The first thing is step into the gym again,” he said. “You don’t have to do a hard workout, it’s just important to come in and feel comfortable. 

“From there, we hold your hand and our staff support you in tackling any concerns and helping you to reach your goals.

“A lot of our members started new like that and are still with us today because we looked after them from the beginning. 

“It shows our approach is really working and people come back for more.”

Motivated strong sporty lady performing the alternating waves exercise with battle ropes at the gym

Motivated strong sporty lady performing the alternating waves exercise with battle ropes - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

Since the pandemic began in 2020, all gyms have had to adapt to new cleaning standards and Energie Fitness has a number of policies in place to keep members safe including sanatising gel and wipes available at all time while staff clean the equipment several times a day.

The business has also diversified, and now offers online classes to members who may have contracted Covid or are in isolation at home.

New members can enjoy a personal training session free of charge and will have access to many different fitness classes including Zumba, HITT, boxing for fitness and legs, bums & tums.

Energie Fitness is located at 646 Holloway Road N19 3NU. For more information, call 020 3987 3200 or visit