Police search for heroic teen who saved man’s life in Essex Road with CPR – then walked off

The King's in Essex Road. Picture: Google Maps

The King's in Essex Road. Picture: Google Maps - Credit: Archant

Police are hoping to track down a heroic teenager who saved the life of an old man by performing CPR – before casually walking off.

The man collapsed on the pavement near The King’s pub in Essex Road on Friday afternoon.

One witness told the Gazette passers-by were trying to help but were unsure of what to do, when out of nowhere a youngster turned up and said: “you’re not doing it right”.

“This young man went on to perform CPR for 10 minutes, said the witness. “The man finally took a gasp of air and the ambulance telephone advisor told him to continue pumping until the ambulance arrived.

“Once it did he walked off like nothing had happened. All we know is that his name is Billy and probably about 16.

“This young man needs to be found and praised for his fast thinking-bravery and looked up to as a role model for all.”

Police also took to Twitter to try and find the “lifesaver”, saying he “deserves some recognition”.

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Do you know the boy? Contact the Gazette on 020 7433 0104.