Pregnant Finsbury Park mum hospitalised due to state of council flat kitchen

Angela Kelly and daughter Kaylin - Dieter Perry

Angela Kelly and daughter Kaylin - Dieter Perry - Credit: Archant

A pregnant mother claims she almost miscarried due to malnutrition because she is unable to cook in her council flat kitchen.

Angela Kelly was rushed to hospital last month, bleeding, after living for three months on takeaways and microwave meals.

The 38-year-old says the kitchen at her council flat in Hanley Road, Finsbury Park, has no room for an oven or for a washing machine, has suffered a mice infestation and a burning smell from sockets when any electrical appliances are used.

She moved into her flat with her 14-year-old daughter Kaylin in November and complains that Islington Council did nothing to aid the situation, despite being told she was pregnant several weeks ago.

“I was bleeding and I was in a very worried state. The doctors said it was because I was malnourished and that if I don’t eat properly I could be in danger of losing the baby. I’ve been complaining about the kitchen from day one but I’ve just been passed from pillar to post.

‘‘Kaylin was really scared. She had to stay at a neighbour’s when I was in hospital – she’s always wanted a little brother or sister and she was worried about what might happen.”


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Without an oven and a washing machine Miss Kelly says she has to spend all of her child benefits on takeaway food and going to the laundrette.

She has also been unable to claim her job seekers allowance after she missed an appointment when she was ill.

“Some days I have to totally neglect myself and barely eat because Kaylin is my priority.

“Every penny I have is going on microwave meals and takeaways. The council know I’m on next to no money. I do have a brand new oven and washing machine in my flat, but nowhere to put them.”

After being contacted by the Gazette the council sent an electrician to the property and have now promised to fit a new kitchen.

A spokesperson said: “We’re sorting out this issue, which seems to have been caused by unauthorised work in the kitchen carried out when a previous tenant was living in the flat.

“An electrical engineer has inspected the kitchen and carried out some preliminary work. The kitchen has always been safe, but it is a mess because of the unauthorised work. We are installing a new kitchen for our tenant as a priority.”