Red meat is neat, says ‘healthy’ Highbury Barn butcher

AN award-winning butcher has called on a nutritionist to help it kill the negative “myths” about red meat.

Family butcher’s shop Frank Godfrey, in Highbury Park, Highbury Barn, wants to prove that red meat is healthier than people think.

It invited nutritionist Johanna Hignett into the store on Monday (November 22), to dish out advice on the leanest and healthiest cuts.

Chris Godfrey, of Frank Godfrey butchers, said “We feel strongly that not enough people are aware of all the great things red meat offers – vitamins, minerals, protein, low fat content and more. We want to counter the bad press that red meat has had over the past few years and reassure our customers that it’s good for you.

“In fact, due to advances in breeding and butchery techniques, red meat contains much less fat than most people think. Pork, beef and lamb today contain less than 10 per cent fat, compared to at least 25 per cent in the 1970s.”

Ms Hignett said that red meat is one of the best sources of iron. She added: “Contrary to what most people think, lean red meat is great for those who are trying to keep off the pounds and it’s a fantastic source of protein.”