Data shows how Covid-19 cases are surging in Islington

Young woman holds a swab into her mouth and holding a medical tube for the coronavirus / covid19 ho

Wimpole Medical can send a testing kit to your isolating address or they can visit and take the test for you - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

New Covid-19 cases have surged in Islington, with more than 200 extra positive tests last week than the week before. 

Despite a drive for individuals to get vaccinated, the easing of restrictions has coincided with a rising number of cases across the UK. 

For the week ending July 3, Office for National Statistics data showed 701 had tested positive in Islington. The week before, there had been 465 new cases.


This means 289 out of 100,000 in Islington had the virus at that count, compared to 192 the week before. 

The statistics also showed 67.4 per cent of all of those aged 16 or over in Islington have now had at least the first dose of a vaccine.