The Holloways perform farewell gig in Islington

One of Islington’s most famous bands called it a day at a farewell gig after almost seven years in the game.

The Holloways bid an emotional goodbye to the 450-strong crowd at the Relentless Garage, Holloway Road, Highbury, on Monday (May 23).

The group had enjoyed worldwide success with tracks such as Generator, which reached number 14 in the UK charts, but a series of unfortunate events – including a fire at Nambucca, in Holloway Road, Archway, which destroyed much of their equipment and recordings – left them ready to move on.

Bryn Fowler, 28, bass player and founding member of the band, who until recently still lived in Holloway, said the final night was among the best.

“The gig was brilliant,” he said. “We did it for the fans and the fans turned up.

“The emotion of the night lifted it up to a new level. It was nice to finish on a high, rather than keep dragging it out and end up playing to four people because we kept it going so long.”

The band named themselves The Holloways because they all lived or worked in the area, with indie-pub Nambucca a particular focal point as drummer Dave Danger lived upstairs and the band often rehearsed there.

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When it burnt down in December 2008, it was the beginning of the end for the foursome.

“When the pub burnt down, we lost �25,000 worth of equipment, loads of material we had recorded and Dave lost his drum kit and his home,” said Fowler.

“I think Dave saw it as kind of an omen and was ready to leave.

“Our record label had gone bust so the album was delayed by 18 months, which was another factor.

“We had so much fun, but you have to know when to move on. I am looking for another project, but it has to feel right.”

Danny Hannford, bar manager at Relentless Garage, said: “It was a rollercoaster ride of emotion for both the band and the crowd. They enticed the crowd into a stage invasion and it was a perfect way to say goodbye.”