Thousands of care home staff yet to be vaccinated in London

Rosa Treveni being given her vaccine by volunteer Shariz Ava

The Government wants all care home staff to be double jabbed by November 11. - Credit: Steve Bainbridge/ Islington Council

Thousands of care staff are yet to be vaccinated in North London, with many not even having had their first dose.

The government has pledged to get all care home staff double jabbed before November 11, yet 7 per cent of the entire workforce had not received their first dose by September 19.

In Hackney, 22.7pc of care home workers had not been fully vaccinated at the beginning of this week - meaning 74 people were lacking the full protection, while 7.4pc had not had their first dose.

The figure in Barnet was even higher at 23.8%.

For Islington, the figure was 11 per cent of carers who had not been fully vaccinated, while in Brent it was 17.7 per cent. 

Barnet, Brent and Hackney are above the English average of 14.6pc of carers.