‘Toxic fumes are hurting my family’ - King’s Cross resident


Angry neighbours complain about traffic chaos


Furious residents have branded a new two-way system an “environmental and health disaster”.

In November, the southern end of Caledonian Road was opened up to traffic in both directions in a bid to remove it from the “horrific” King’s Cross gyratory, as part of Islington Council’s war on one-way systems.

But people living nearby complain of traffic noise so loud they can’t sleep while toxic fumes pumping out of the estimated 1,000 vehicles a day that chug past their homes.

Ewa Idzik, who lives on Wharfdale Road, said: “I have to put a winter duvet over my front window and push two wardrobes in front of my bedroom windows and it’s still so loud we are woken up dozens of times a night.

“Traffic noise causes disturbed sleep which leads to cardiovascular disease and exhaust fumes cause cancer, heart disease and respiratory problems.

“In Islington, diesel vehicles that sit idle are now hit with an on the spot fine. Well, 21 diesel engines per hour sit in front of my home idle. I have counted them.

“[There are more than] 1,000 vehicles a day, spewing dangerous emissions a few feet away from my family, filling the house.

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“We are literally being poisoned all day and all night. Our quality of life has sunk to an all time low and our health is starting to follow.

“My family are having headaches and coughing-same symptoms as carbon dioxide poisoning.”

Other people have commented on local forum King’s Cross Environment.

One, Lynne, posted she was “furious about the effect that the changes have made to the traffic on Wharfdale Road” while Sophie Talbot said the traffic was “appalling”.

Another, Bert, said; “The job of Islington Council is to improve the lives of its residents, something it is failing miserably to do for those of us who are unfortunate enough to live on Wharfdale Road.”

A meeting was held on March 4 between residents and the council on Wharfedale Raod.

Cllr Paul Convery said: “