Help to make hospital better

following the threatened closure of The Whittington Hospital A and E, lots of people had lots of things to say in favour of the hospital, which helped a long way in the unit remaining open. But from previous experience I have found that things don’t always work out so smoothly at the Whittington.

it has quite a bad history with a lot of people, but we tend to only hear the good things – so i am asking people if they could write to me at if they have had any bad experience, or thought they were treated unfairly, whether is seems minor or major.

did you fully intend to make a complaint but were put off by the difficulty of it all, or the lack of co-operation from staff?

you don’t have to go into too much detail – my intention is to gather enough information to approach my MP and the health authorities concerned.

this hospital is lacking in certain areas and more needs to be done. the morale among the staff is zero. i found them to have a serious “pass the buck” attitude.

we need to make our hospital better. Help me, if you can, to make a good case. – m. havens, via e-mail.