Highbury artist to feature in underground platform ‘gallery’

A HIGHBURY artist is one of just a handful to have their artworks projected on to a giant screen at Liverpool Street tube station.

Lorraine Clarke, co-director of Tottenham based studios Euroart in Markfield Road, is one of 20 artists from across the world chosen to feature in Body of Art’s (BOA) virtual gallery this week.

The 55-year-old from Highbury will exhibit pieces from her Fertility Dolls collection - dolls fashioned from bone and hair and inspired by her travels around Kenya - alongside sculptures of dragons, gods and animal skulls.

She said: “At the moment people are really interested in this whole idea of magic medicine and religion. People are looking for answers and so are curious about this element of spirituality that the dolls have.”

Her 20 winning artworks will appear on a three-metre screen from today until Monday, April 25, on the westbound central line platform.

The sculptures, all contained in jars, are replicas of African dolls said to have magic properties in helping a woman to get pregnant.

Viewers will be able to get up close and personal to the artworks as the short film shows the camera panning through a virtual gallery displaying her works.

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A spokesman for the exhibition said: “The city will be a hive of excitement and activity this April. BOA’s exclusive screening will bring a sense of serene beauty akin to a real art gallery to many travellers from all over the world in, what is expected to be, a busy month for the capital.”