Highbury children play safely in street as new initiative starts

Canning Road kids

Canning Road kids - Credit: Archant

Children turned back the clock and braved the cold when their street was closed off for two hours of dedicated playtime.

Canning Road in Highbury was shut down on Sunday December 8 for one of the borough’s first “Pop Out and Play” days put on in the local community.

The day provided a chance for the kids to play safely outside and for the adults to get together over a cup of tea.

It came about after youngsters living in the road said they were fed up of sitting at home watching television and wanted to get out and play “old fashioned games”.

Afterwards the children wrote a giant letter to Father Christmas, asking if they could play in the street more often in the future,

Jessie Matilda, aged eight, said: “This is amazing. I love roller skating in the road. It’s epic. Please can we do it again?”

While Ethan Hellier, also eight, said: “This was totally brilliant. I loved being able to play football with my friends outside my house.”

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Father Christmas popped down to Canning Road on the day and Highbury East Lib Dem Councillor was there to help steward the event alongside parents.

“It was great to see kids playing in the street, without the worry of cars,” said Cllr Stacey.

“Things like this are central to our community and are a great way to bring residents together and celebrate our neighbourhood.”