Highbury entrepreneur: ‘Testicular cancer inspired my new card game’

Ally Hendry, creator of Show or Tell. Picture: Ally Hendry

Ally Hendry, creator of Show or Tell. Picture: Ally Hendry - Credit: Archant

A Highbury cancer patient has dreamt up a fun way of tackling the killer disease with the invention of a new party game.

Ally Hendry, 30, of Highbury Grange, thought of the idea after being diagnosed with testicular cancer in April.

Speaking to the Gazette, Mr Hendry said: “Finding out was a huge shock. It was really hard to take.”

Mr Hendry developed the board game in an effort to lighten the mood whenever he had visitors.

“So many were coming round. I thought: ‘Why not do something so we can have a laugh?’ It gave me something to do instead of talking about cancer.”

Now Mr Hendry is keen to develop his game and has launched a crowd funding campaign to raise £8,000. He has £2,600 so far.

He said: “I’ve never launched anything before. This has taught me a lot about how to create and take an idea forward. I hope it will give others a lot of fun.”

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Based on charades, the game involves players picking cards to display on their foreheads. They then try and guess what is on their cards.

Now monitored by St Barts Hospital, Mr Hendry believes the creation of the game has aided his recovery.

He said: “It has given me something positive to focus on. It distracted me from hospital visits and scans which are not the most fun.”

To help get the game in to production visit Ally’s Kickstarter: bit.ly/ShowOrTell

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