Highbury Fields score another huge GCSE improvement

Highbury Fields School for Girls posted a huge improvement in their exam results for the second year in a row.

Seventy per cent of pupils at the Highbury Hill school hit five or more A to C grade GCSE, including maths and English, with 93 per cent getting 5 A to Cs, while 13 students picked up 10 or more A* and A grades.

It represents a remarkable turn around for the school - in 2009 only 36 per cent of the pupils got five A to C including maths and English.

Gladys Barry, head teacher at the school, said: “These girls have worked so hard and I am really proud of them. They really are a delightful bunch of young women. The staff have been very involved and dedicated.

“A lot of good things have come together.”

Bridgette Lafaye, 16, who only came to the school from Florida last year, managed eight A*s and 2 As. She said: “I am really happy - I haven’t told my dad yet but I am sure he will be pleased.” Sheniece Mehmeet-Ellis, 16, who got 11As and on me B, said: “I’m going to have a massive barbecue with my family today. there will be aunts there I haven’t even met yet.”

Another student, Jemma Waters, 16, had to move from Luton just as she started her GCSEs and still posted 5 Cs.

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She said: “It’s been hard studying and moving, but I now I can carry on studying. I want to end up working in animal care.”