Highbury pensioners given ‘royal’ cake to celebrate Queen’s Diamond Jubilee

A group of OAPs were given a Jubilee surprise when a special cake was delivered to their Highbury lunch club in honour of the Queen’s birthday, which was on Saturday.

The pensioners at Highbury New Park Day Centre, in Highbury New Park, tucked into the Victoria sponge at their regular dinner on Friday.

The cake was created by baker Cynthia Akinsania, who has her own cake-making business – Delight By Cynthia.

She said: “I made my first cake on the Queen’s Birthday in the jubilee year, 35 years ago, so I wanted to mark the occasion in the Diamond jubilee year by doing something nice.

“They all seemed really chuffed when it turned up.”

Lloyd Coombes, manager of the centre, said: “A lot of our members were around for the coronation as well as the silver jubilee, so it was nice for them to reminisce.”