Highbury residents left stunned over road marking botch-job

Poorly painted road markings. Credit Alex Wellman

Poorly painted road markings. Credit Alex Wellman - Credit: Archant

Some workmen are frequently accused of only doing half a job but residents in Highbury have more reason than most to complain.

Bungling road workers left a road sign barley legible after relaying tarmac and only repainting part of the message.

The marking, in Ronalds Road, was meant to say Ambulance Only Keep Clear, but following a peculiar patch-up where new paint was only applied to some of the message, residents said they struggle to read it.

Andrew King, who spotted the marking and contacted the Gazette, said: “Instead of repainting the whole of the letters the contractor had only repainted over the fresh tarmac.

“Given that the original is so faded the message is now almost illegible. Just what are we paying these people to do? Clearly not to think!”

The section of road which was replaced was also home to a white parking bay and yellow line – both of which had partial dabs of new paint.

Although the work was not being carried out for Islington Council, staff from the authority had a word with the company responsible and managed to get them to repaint the markings.

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An Islington Council spokesman said: “This work was carried out by a contractor working for a utility company installing supplies to a nearby private development.

“We have spoken to them and they have agreed to remark the bay.”