Highbury street is a hotspot for ‘road rage ruckuses’

This stretch of Gillespie Road near Arsenal station can suffer from gridlock during peak times due t

This stretch of Gillespie Road near Arsenal station can suffer from gridlock during peak times due to its narrow layout - sometimes causing motorists' tensions to boil over. Picture: Google Street View - Credit: Archant

A rat run is causing furious motorists to jump out their cars and brawl each other, residents have claimed.

People who live in the shadow of Arsenal’s Emirates Stadium in Gillespie Road, Highbury, are sick of disturbances caused by daily gridlocks.

Vehicles are often unable to pass each other because of the narrow layout, and residents want the road to be closed to through traffic.

Richard Barnardo, 37, who has lived in Gillespie Road for nine years, said: “All you can hear is horns honking and drivers shouting at each other. Last night there was a loud ‘f*** you’.

“I’ve seen people getting out of their cars and in each other’s faces, and others have seen fighting.

“It’s especially unpleasant in the summer, when you don’t want to open your windows because of the noise pollution and fumes from idle traffic.

“The key point is, this just doesn’t work! Yet it [Gillespie Road] regularly closes for Arsenal games, and the whole of Highbury manages well.”

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He added: “We’re also concious that Gillespie Road has a nursery and primary school further down. The traffic doesn’t build up there, but people are so frustrated at our pinch point that they floor it when they get out. So there is some concern at safety of children further down.”

Cllr Claudia Webbe, Islington’s transport leader, said: “We’re happy to talk to residents in Gillespie Road who are worried about traffic, and also look at ways we can make it safer for pedestrians and cyclists.”

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