Highbury woman’s fear as ceiling collapses for third time

A woman whose ceiling has fallen through three times says she is living in fear of what could happen next.

Sandra Alexander no longer feels safe in her council flat in Highbury Park, Highbury, due to the incidents – one of which involved plaster hitting her head – and she is urging the council to move her to another property or undertake work to ensure the structure is completely sound.

A huge section of ceiling collapsed into her living room in 2007 and since then plaster has fallen through into her bedroom on two occasions, the most recent being around six weeks ago.

Not only did it cause damage to her TV and furniture but in 2008 she sustained a whiplash injury when the ceiling fell on top of her in the bedroom and she was compensated by Homes for Islington (HfI) with more than �2,000.

The ceiling has also leaked extensively in the bedroom and living room, causing water damage to her sofa, carpets and mattress.

Miss Alexander said: “I feel all depressed, it has happened too many times.

“I love this flat, I was doing it up but now I have lost incentive. It’s not secure, I feel unsafe here and I’m so stressed out about it.

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“I’d like them to fix things properly or find me another place. And I want my money back for some of the things I have lost.”

Since the Gazette contacted HfI with Miss Alexander’s complaints she said she has had numerous visits and has now been reassured that the ceiling is safe. However, she has been offered an alternative property to view.

A spokeswoman for HfI insisted that they took the safety of residents very seriously and said that the roof had been replaced earlier this year due to leaks affecting the two top flats, including Miss Alexander’s.

She said that HfI and maintenance contractors Kier had inspected her flat to assess the damage and added: “While both inspections revealed that there is no indication that the ceiling is unsafe, we have made an appointment to carry out a joint inspection with our contractor to reassure the tenant further and make sure Miss Alexander feels safe in her home.”