Highbury writer hopes film will leave cinema-goers all shook up

A writer who always wondered why Elvis never toured Britain has turned the subject into a short comedy film.

Royston Deitch, of Highbury New Park, wrote and produced Elvis Prestwick which has been selected for some major festivals.

Filmed in a disused Old Street studio, it features a British office worker whose life is transformed after meeting Elvis.

Mr Deitch, 49, who has three children with wife Margaret, said: “On the afternoon of his death I remember actually saying Elvis would die before he tours the UK.

“This always stuck with me and I even told my wife on our first date.

“I’ve always been fascinated by why he never toured the UK. It is a classic case of ‘what if?’”

The film will be shown at the Palm Beach International in Florida and Indie Spirit in Colorado.

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It stars actors Joe Bevan and Tim Park and was directed by Andrew Ryland.

Mr Deitch, a shipping lawyer, developed the idea after becoming a writer in later life.

He said of the film: “It is amazing and nerve-wracking seeing it at festivals.”

For more information visit the Elvis Prestwick Facebook page.