Holloway art exhibition shows ‘anything is possible’ for women who have suffered violence

Organisers Arti Prashar, from Spare Tyre, and Anat Toffell, from Solace Women's Aid, at the exhibiti

Organisers Arti Prashar, from Spare Tyre, and Anat Toffell, from Solace Women's Aid, at the exhibition in Islington Arts Factory, Holloway. Picture: Ken Mears - Credit: Archant

An “inspiring” photography show by female victims of violence helped recover their confidence, its organiser has said.

The Blue Skies exhibition in Islington Arts Factory, Holloway, is in the middle of a three-week residency.

It features the work of women who have suffered the consequences of violence, from sexual to domestic.

Brought together for weekly sessions by arts charity Spare Tyre and Solace Women’s Aid, the artists were encouraged to follow their perpective of the world.

One of the women said: “I felt very inspired and free. People who have experienced violence often alternate between seeing themselves either as victims or survivors. In this group we could begin to see ourselves as both of these but also as creators.

And Arti Prashar, who helped organise the exhibition, said: “They were given lots of confidence to see the world in a different way. I was interested in promoting transformation, which is where the words ‘blue skies’ came in: to suggest anything is possible.

“It was about saying to the women: ‘Whatever you believe in is valid.’ And that manifested itself in the work on show. What was particularly inspiring was their keen eye for the little details.”

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The exhibition ends next Friday (April 1). Visit Islington Arts Factory in 2, Parkhurst Road, Holloway.

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