Holloway bouncers accused of vicious attack, then hiding evidence

But the owner of the People’s Social Club in Holloway Road disputes police version of events outside club

A 24-hour club in Holloway could be forced to close after police claim ‘vicious’ bouncers beat someone so badly they broke both his wrists, then tried to hide evidence.

People’s Social Club, in Holloway Road, faces a licence review after CCTV footage allegedly showed the door staff attack a man, leave him bleeding on the pavement and then wash away the blood before police arrived.

But Bulent Hassan, who owns the club, disputes the evidence and says People’s is being targeted because of potential complaints from the occupants of new flats being built across the road.

After the incident on April 7, the victim was rushed to hospital where he was treated for fractures to both wrists and multiple injuries to his face and body – and police say he had to call the ambulance himself.

In their report to the council, police also said the owner of the club has been obstructive and one of the door staff was unable to produce a valid doorman’s licence.

Sgt Robin Clark said: “This would appear to be a blatant attempt by the management and door staff of the venue to cover up a vicious and unprovoked attack.

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He added: “Although the victim was drunk, and possibly making a nuisance, there’s no evidence to suggest he was a physical threat to anyone.”

However Mr Hassan had a different version of events. He said: “I watched the video and was shocked – I can’t see what they are saying. My door staff aren’t involved at all. You can see a white fist being raised towards him – all my door staff are black.

”I came out afterwards and my staff were calling him an ambulance. I didn’t know it was a crime scene so I cleaned the pavement outside as we do after every night.

“This club has been here 21 years and has never been a problem, Now with the new flats coming they don’t want us around.”