Holloway box junction markings wrong, admits Islington Council

DRIVERS may have been illegally fined on a box junction after Islington Council admitted markings on the junction were incorrect.

A Islington Council worker received a fine after being accused of dangerous driving on the Horsell Road and Drayton Park junction in Holloway – but then he successfully argued that the junction was illegal when appealing the decision in court.

The worker said: “Certain markings require agreement under a Traffic Management Order (TMO) approved by Transport for London.

“Basically if the markings do not meet the paperwork, then they aren’t legally enforceable. This box junction didn’t and the judge upheld my appeal. The markings mean that drivers enter the box junction sooner than they actually should due to it extending beyond the actually junction itself. It also means that they should not be issuing fines on this junction.”

An Islington Council spokeswoman said road users who hadpaid fines relating to the box junction when the markings were faulty last year could not appeal “because it is deemed they have accepted responsibility”.

Councillor Paul Smith, executive member for environment, said: “The council have taken action following this appeal. The markings of the Horsell Road box junction were redesigned last year. Anyone who feels they have a claim against an outstanding penalty charge notice they’ve been issued with can of course contact our parking team and ask for it to be reviewed.”

Graeme Jones, aka Free Parking Warrior from the group No to Mob which follows CCTV council enforcement vehicles on motorbikes, said: “Councils must do what is right and not focus on revenue raising. Signage and lines must be correct because else this is going to confuse road users and any ticket issued will be illegal.”

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Mr Jones said No to Mob plans to present information to Islington and Camden councils regarding areas where the road layout may be illegal.