Holloway hounds win award for their work in the dog world

TWO Japanese Akitas have won an award for their hard work in the canine world.

Max and Adora, who live with their owner Robert Stuhldreer in Dunford Road, Holloway, The pair help out with The Blue Cross Education Programme and are breed ambassadors for the charity Akita Rescue and Welfare (UK) were named winners of the UNSUNG HEROES/HiLife Trophy in the latest edition of Dogs Monthly.

Max and Adora promote a responsible image of the Akita breed and increase awareness about breed traits which are often overlooked by would-be owners.

Mr Stuhldreer said: “Akitas are stunning but their good looks can be their downfall as some people are tempted to buy a pup without researching the breed.

“Many inexperienced owners then find they have a psychologically and physically strong and challenging dog on their hands. Then, through no fault of their own, the dogs end up in rescue.”

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