Holloway man hits 103 not out

An Islington man who started one of the first DIY shops in the borough celebrated his 103rd birthday on Monday.

Herbert Davies spent many years in charge of JD Davies, in Holloway Road, a business established by his grandfather in 1882.

The carpenter, born in 1909, has lived his whole life in Islington and his family have occupied the same house in Liverpool Road for at least four generations.

During the Second World War he was part of the Auxillary Fire Service and was tasked with protecting the Houses of Parliament during the blitz.

He retired two years early in 1973 when VAT was introduced, saying he was too old to learn the new tax system.

Mr Davies was thrown a big party by family and friends at the Lennox House Care Home, on Durham Road, Finsbury Park, where he now lives.

Cllr Phil Kelly, Mayor of Islington, and Jeremy Corbyn, MP for Islington North, popped in to wish him happy birthday.

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His son Micheal Davies, 68, said: “He had a great time and enjoyed all the attention. He had a big celebration and really enjoyed himself.

Shefa Uddin, activities co-ordinator at Lennox House, said: “It was a wonderful party and Mr Davies was very excited.

“Although he didn’t want alcohol, he drank plenty of lemonade.”