Holloway Road: where you can fill up your car, go round the corner and realise you can pay 38p a litre less

Warren Service Station, in Holloway Road. An Esso garage just half a mile away, in Hornsey Road, sel

Warren Service Station, in Holloway Road. An Esso garage just half a mile away, in Hornsey Road, sells fuel up to 38p a litre cheaper - Credit: Archant

An Upper Holloway service station is selling fuel up to 38p a litre more expensive than its nearest competitor – just half a mile away.

Petrol prices in Holloway. Graphic: Kayleigh O�Dell

Petrol prices in Holloway. Graphic: Kayleigh O�Dell - Credit: Archant

Gulf’s Warren Service Station, in Holloway Road, was selling unleaded petrol at 139.9p a litre and diesel at 144.9p yesterday afternoon.

But Esso in Hornsey Road, just over half a mile away, had petrol at 104.9p and diesel at 106.9p.

It means filling up your car with 40 litres of diesel would be £15.20 more expensive at Warren than at Esso just around the corner. Forty litres of petrol would be £14 more.

Shell, Holloway Road, one mile away from Warren Service Station, was selling unleaded even cheaper – 102.9p. Diesel was also 106.9p.

According to figures by price comparison website PetrolPrices.com, Warren Service Station is the most expensive in a two-mile radius.

Jason Lloyd, from the site, explained: “Independents like Warren Service Station, which don’t solely focus on fuel, price their fuel differently compared to the supermarkets and petrol retailers like Shell. It’s not their main business and so will charge a premium for it.

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“You will always get these exceptions.”

But Simon Williams, fuel spokesman for the RAC, said: “It makes no sense that a retailer would charge so much.

“Sometimes it’s the case in rural areas where people don’t have access to lower prices – but this is London!”

Mr Williams said: “Motorists, we imagine, will vote with their wheels and go elsewhere.”

“Fuel hasn’t been this cheap since 2008. Every retailer is entitled to charge what they like but it doesn’t seem to make much sense. It shows motorists should shop around.”

Fuel: it’s more expensive in Chelsea...

Warren Service Station, which did not wish to comment when approached by the Gazette, is not quite the most expensive station in a 20-mile radius, however.

That title goes to Chelsea Cloisters Petrol Station, which Petrol Prices.com this week recorded as selling unleaded and diesel at 164.9p a litre.

The cheapest for petrol were Asda supermarkets at 99.6p, the nearest being White Hart Lane.

For diesel, the cheapest were Morrisons and Tesco supermarkets, at 99.7p. The nearest was Morrisons in Chalk Farm Road, Camden.