Holloway student rioter escapes jail

A teenager from Holloway escaped jail last Friday after admitting his part in last autumn’s student riots.

Agit Goztas, 19, of Steve Biko Road, pleaded guilty to violent disorder during protests over tuition fees in November and December last year.

He received an eight month sentence, suspended for 18 months, was told to pay �350 in costs and carry out 90 hours’ unpaid work.

Det Ch Sup Matthew Horne, leading the investigation into the disorder, said: “These sentences are a timely reminder of the consequences for those who engage in criminality on the back of legitimate protest.

“The rights of protest and expression are important to us all. However, people breaking the law, endangering those protesting peacefully and committing offences such as this are criminals.”

Goztas was one of eight people sentenced at Kingston Crown Court in connection with the protests.