Housing campaigner’s Islington home flooded in embarassing own goal

A MAN who campaigns for thousands of tenants has had his own home flooded by what he says was botched workmanship - in a spectacular own goal by the firm which runs Islington Council’s housing stock.

Dr Brian Potter who lives in Pleasant Place, Islington, suffered massive flooding when contractors working for Homes for Islington failed to seal a bath in the flat above.

Water came crashing through Dr Potter’s bathroom ceiling – after the upstairs tenant used the bath - causing thousands of pounds worth of damage last weekend.

Dr Potter, chairman of the Federation of Islington Tenants which has 27,000 members, said: “This could not have happened to a worse person in the borough.

“I have been complaining on behalf of tenants about poor quality sub-contracting for many years.

“I came home to see the ceiling had cracked with the weight of the water – it was horrific.”

Councillor Terry Stacy, leader of the Islington Liberal Democrats, said: “Brian has been critical of such poor workmanship like me and for him to be on the receiving end is a real slap in the face.”

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A spokesman for Homes for Islington said: “Our contractor, Mulalley, worked on our tenant’s bathroom, capped the shower and advised the tenant only to have shallow baths until siliconing work around the bath was completed. The tenant disregarded this and reconnected the shower causing water to leak. This water damaged Dr Potter’s ceiling. This was explained to Dr Potter at the time.”

But Dr Potter, who is also chairman of the Islington Leaseholders’ Association which has 10,000 members, said: “My understanding is that the workman was Polish and the tenants are Colombian who speak mainly Spanish so communication would have been difficult and at the very least there should have been warning signs placed advising the tenants not to use the bath.

“The bath was going to be left unsealed between Friday and Monday on what turned out to be the hottest weekend of the year. This course of action is completely mind boggling.

“It was absolutely irresponsible to leave a bath without a seal.”

Homes for Islington said it would pay for the repairs to Dr Potter’s flat.