A proposed 36-storey block of student flats has been compared to Sauron's tower in Lord of the Rings.

Plans to redevelop the historic Archway Hospital site in Archway Road have been revealed by developer SevenCapital.

The site would include 250 new homes, half of which would be affordable, as well as 300 student accommodation rooms in the tower.

Islington Gazette: The plans include restoring the historic Archway Hospital site The plans include restoring the historic Archway Hospital site (Image: Google)

But the plans were ridiculed by some on social media, with one comparing it to a tower from the Lord of the Rings.

They said: “The obvious comparison is to say it looks like the tower where the Eye of Sauron was located.”

They added: “Umm, actually, it looks more like Orthanc than Barad-dur.”

Another said that they wanted the site to be redeveloped but thought the tower’s height was “ridiculous”.

They added that the tower would look “comically” out of place at the current site.

In response, another user agreed, saying that the tower would look “ridiculous in an area like Archway”.

“I’m all for unique architecture but that tower can’t go ahead surely,” they said.  

But in the plans released by SevenCapital, the developer claims that the proposals offer “a high quality and well-designed scheme which responds to the local area and integrates with the town centre”.

They add that one of the project benefits will be “preserving and restoring key historic buildings.”

SevenCapital managing director Angus Michie said: “We are delighted to be bringing forward these plans that will preserve the rich heritage of the site, help to alleviate local housing need, and unlock more public realm to create an overall positive impact on the local area.

“We recently held a successful round of community engagement, where we met with site neighbours to share our emerging plans, and we will also be meeting with key local civic groups.

“We would like to thank all members of the local community who attended our events and have provided their valuable feedback.

“Our plans continue to evolve, and we look forward to holding further engagement events in the future.”

Currently the plans have not been submitted to Islington Council for consideration.

So far, SevenCapital has only applied to temporarily change the use of existing buildings to non-residential artists’ studios and exhibition space.

They said that this would bring the site back into use during the planning process and contribute towards the goal of creating a cultural hub around Archway.

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