Huge 25-storey student block could tower over Arsenal’s Emirates Stadium

Concerns have been raised over the height of a huge 25-storey student tower block which could be built next to the Emirates Stadium.

Arsenal has submitted a planning application for the development in Hornsey Road, Holloway, through its developer Ashburton Trading Ltd.

The skyscraper, which would include 450 rooms and a 24th level viewing area, will feature the Arsenal colours and house students from various universities.

Ben Dimech, from the supporters group Red Action, said: “This will dominate the skyline. Fans and residents will be unhappy with the height of the tower. I can’t understand how it can even be built because the council put a restriction on the height of the Emirates.”

Architect Daniel Burt, who lives near the stadium, said: “The proposed tower block is completely out of scale with the surrounding area. At 25-storeys high, it dwarfs the Emirates Stadium, overlooks and overshadows the Victorian terraces along Lowman Road and Jackson Road and sets a dangerous precedent for further high rise developments in what is primarily a low rise, residential area.

“The Islington Core Strategy states developments more than 30 metres high will not be supported and at 70 metres high this proposal is clearly not in accordance with council policy.”

The plans include refurbishing railway arches, a new pedestrian route and landscaping which will be carried out by architects MUF.

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Mr Burt said: “The MUF proposals are sensitively thought through, drawing on the history of the area. It is a shame that this careful consideration does not extend to the design of the tower, which seems clumsy by comparison.”

The tower structure has been designed by CGWZ, which is based in Bowling Green Lane, Clerkenwell.

A three storey building, housing a restaurant and a drinking establishment, would also be built if the plans are approved by Islington Council.