Husband-to-be won’t wear a ring!

We’re getting married next month, but my fianc� had now told me that he doesn’t want to exchange rings, as he doesn’t think men should wear wedding rings. So late in the day, this has shocked me to the core.

I don’t know what to make of it, and all he’ll say is that I’m in his heart, so he doesn’t need to have a piece of string tied to his finger. He says this is real, I’m what he wants, and a male wedding ring is just a meaningless piece of jewellery.

I have to admit that he refuses to wear jewellery, in general, But I thought he might wear a ring. Is he serious about marrying me?

Barbara says: Yes. He’s told you that. But some men genuinely don’t like any kind of jewellery. I think his answers are pretty good. Trust him. Stop making a fuss. The marriage and the love are what count.